I Just Found Out About Strava

I recently found out about Strava, a social media app to find friends and track activities. Friends can give each other kudos on activities. Strava can link directly to GPS watches to upload activities or activities can be tracked inside the app. Strava includes “segments” or popular routes and tracks at the top performers of... Continue Reading →



I live in a rural area with the closest running specialty store being 55 minutes away. Getting quality running gear can feel like an extra errand added to an already packed schedule. I’ve been wearing the same size Brooks Running Shoes for years. I felt confident enough to order running shoes online. I bought Brooks... Continue Reading →

2017 Year in Review

I did not want to do a year in review post because honestly this site isn't about me, it's about running. 2017 was an average year of running. I did not hit any mileage milestones, or complete any crazy races, it was a simply basic year of running.   My total mileage for 2017 was... Continue Reading →

Headphones Dilemma

I'm the type of person who buys an item and uses it until it breaks. The same goes for running headphones. I recently found myself with only 1 pair of headphones left, the basic white set that comes standard with any Apple Product. Since I like to keep one pair strictly for non-running use, it... Continue Reading →

Winter Running Blues

The sun set at 4:36pm today, 4:36! Sunrise was not particularly any better, 7:15am. With only 9 hours of sunlight, it's hard to stay motivated to run. My most important concern with winter running is safety and visibility. I always opt to wear a reflector belt. Lamps and lighted vests are also an option for... Continue Reading →

Dirty Bird 15K

The Dirty Bird 15K takes place at French Creek State Park near Birdsboro, PA and also offers a 30K and 50K option. Registration for the 15K/30K was $34; 50K was $50 and both included a long-sleeve tech shirt. The 9am start time is perfect for people traveling an hour or more. The race start area... Continue Reading →

Run the Raven 7K

The inaugural Run the Raven 7K took place in Shenandoah, PA. The registration was $15 ($17.50 with online registration). Race information listed William Penn Fire Company as the starting location, however, the actual start was a few miles up a mountain side road. The race was relatively flat with lots of curves perfect for practicing tangent... Continue Reading →

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