Hatfield 10 Miler

The Hatfield Five & Dime race held in Hatfield, PA (30 miles outside Philadelphia) featured 2 distance options, a 5 miler or a 10 miler. The course was a flat and fast 5 mile loop, which can be mentally hard when doing the 10 miler. The course was flat through mostly residential areas, which was... Continue Reading →


Kutztown Fools Run

The Kutztown Fools Run featured a 2 mile walk, 5K and 10 miler distance. The 10 miler cost $30 and included a pink tech tee. The registration fee goes towards scholarships to Kutztown University. The course was mostly country roads with hills, be prepared to run hills. There were plenty of water stops along the... Continue Reading →

Blarney & Stone 15K

This was my first year running the Blarney & Stone 15K trail run. The terrain was mostly hiking trails which, for me, are difficult to navigate as I like to take it slow on trails to prevent injury. The race registration was $34 and included a short sleeve tech shirt and a egg and pancake... Continue Reading →

Spotify Playlist

I CANNOT train without music. I can run a race without headphones, but when I’m out there alone logging in miles I NEED music. I prefer pop or hip-hop, I think this is due to my Jersey Shore roots. You can download my Spotify Playlist. It includes Drake, Eminem and Taylor Swift and others. What... Continue Reading →


Today for the first time in over 5 years I ran on a treadmill. I HATE treadmills. Today’s weather caused freezing rain and slick roads. Since I’m still healing from my broken arm, I decided to stay in doors rather than chance another slip and fall. I’m impressed by this new feature in treadmills to... Continue Reading →

Brooks Cadence 6 Review

I was interested in the Brooks Cadence 6 because of it’s minimalist yet stability quality. I noticed how lightweight they really are as I took them out of the box. My first impression when I put them on my feet was that the tongue is thinner. During my first run, my toe went numb and... Continue Reading →

Broke My Arm Running

On Monday, I went out for a normal 6 mile run around a local lake. The trails were snow covered but they didn’t cause too much of a problem. It wasn’t until I hit ice on blacktop that I fell HARD. I hit my knee and teeth on concrete and I put my arm out... Continue Reading →

Athleta Tights Review

A few years ago, I moved from sunny San Antonio, Texas to State College, Pennsylvania.. Since this move I have struggled to actively run in cold temperatures. I tried wearing sweat pants but the baggy fit of sweat pants becomes annoying after 3 miles. I tried tights under sweat pants to keep the chafing away,... Continue Reading →

Iron Yoga Review

The recent cold temperature makes me want to stay inside. Something about 10° weather with a wind chill does not motivate me to go outside. On one particular run I set out to finish 4 miles, but by mile 3 my phone  (music) stopped working from the cold. To compensate for running I’ve turned to... Continue Reading →

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